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This is a static site hosted on S3, feel free to send in pull requests.

I got the idea of this when I was at work and someone said ‘might of been me’ “Who did Trump fire now”, and boom I bought this domain.

Friends update me on who’s been caned, left, or said “screw this i’m out” or if i see something on the news. That being said, this might run a few hours or a day behind.

If you’d like this to update faster please make a PR so I can merge that into master.

Left to work on

+Fix images not pulling correctly in social media. +Fix moblie view. Its trash.


11-7-18 Jenkins build pipline in place. All pushs to master will update S3/cloundfront


Gave me the first list

Favicon I got from

Images come from Google large image search

Website is a template, cuz im lazy, I mean this site is costing me 5 cents a month to run. Its not like this will end up on the John Oliver show where it might cost me 50 dollars.

Timer code was from

I’m not making a change log, just look at the git log.

Jason Kuehl